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Forthnightly Podcast about Shamanic Astrology, Healing Foods, Psychic Development and Energy Medicine

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Enhance your well-being

Shamanic Astrology:

Want to know how to use astrology and its power in a practical? 

Healing Foods:

Covering a range of subjects and recipes that allow you to live well and long.



Expand your spiritual power

Psychic Development

Unlock your inborn psychic abilities and connect with the spirit world.

Energy Medicine

Discover the power of energy and how it can be used for healing purposes.



Friday Jul 01, 2022

This weeks podcast is all about Forest Bathing and how this can enhance your life quality. Check out some tips and tricks on how you can do Forest Bathing even if you don't live near a Forest or a park.

Sunday Jun 19, 2022

Learn how to connect with your Spirit guide:
- guided meditation session
- build a connection with the spirit world
- explore the power of your spirit guide
 Mehal Mahipal is a spiritual teacher, shamanic astrologer, meditation teacher, and author of Unlocking Psychic Potential.
In this podcast episode she offers you a powerful guided meditation that allows you to learn to connect with your spirit guide. 

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

Learn about Healing Foods and Astrology to transform your life.


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